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I have experienced in social media marketing. I've been a brand ambassador for five years allowing me to promote brands, create product content and schedule content on our social media platforms. (TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc..) I also have experience in content creating and marketing management. As for skills I'm your girl for SEO, campaign management and web design. (I also can create logos too)

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You'll be working with someone that cares to see you grow not just "get money" or "get the job done". 

My Latest Thoughts

Social Media Support

Let’s talk about social media, we all love it. It’s become the new way of life, people wake up and check social media before speaking to their family nowadays. I to have multiple media accounts. My top 3 like everyone-else is Instagram, Twitter and LinkIn. I am on other social media platforms, but Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are my go to’s. I have a different demographic experience on each platform. The Linkedin demographic is IT decision makers, C-level executives, prospective students, small business owners. The age range is between 18 and 29, and 61% of LinkedIn users fall into the 30 to 64 age bracket. The demographic on twitter is 18 and 29 years, who look for entertainment. Instagram has a age range of 18-34. The is a wide range of type of people that use instagram. Let’s get deeper into social media, what is the fastest growing social media platform? Why is technology becoming so advanced? What does each media platform feel like a different culture? I ask myself those questions a few times a month. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to explain the growth of social media or why it becoming the new life. If the world was not becoming more advance, and you did not have to adopt to new platforms. What would be your top 3 social media platforms would you still be on till this day?

Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who creates and manages their own business. Most entrepreneurs start off with small businesses. Being an entrepreneur gives you freedom and responsibility; that can be a good and bad thing. An intrapreneur is someone who works for a business but create ideas and helps manage it. An intrapreneur allows you to create new ideas, products, and goals without taking on the risks that come with starting a new business as an entrepreneur. A pay-off from a successful idea as an intrapreneur is usually smaller then a successful idea as an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur you have to bring something different to the market and understand the risk that apply to it if you do not succeed. You have limited resources and limited funds due to loans or revenue. Intrapreneurs help build stability and strength in a business and although they don’t take the risk, the company they work for takes the risk and they could be fired if they are not successful and lose a lot money. Intrapreneurs have a lot of resources due to the company they work for and they’re able to outsource to get more resources. Ultimately they help boost revenue and profits. Option 1 or 2 I could see myself having an intrapreneurship until I understand the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur. Some intrapreneurs are interns and it can go all the way up to being a Vice President. I understand they don’t take a major risk which is something that I personally like but the downfall to that is that I could lose my job. Intrapreneurs come up with hundreds of ideas and that is something that I can relate to. What I found interesting and inspiring is three companies I use on a day-to-day basis that offer intrapreneurships. They have products that are successful and were created from someone being an intrapreneur. The first company is google, Gmail was developed as a result of intrapreneurship. The second company is Apple, the Mac was a product that was created from a intrapreneurship. The third company is Facebook, the like button is a hackathon that was created through a intrapreneurship. Which would you choose? References: University Lab Partners. 2020. Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur: What’s the Difference? https://www.universitylabpartners.org/blog/entrepreneur-vs-intrapreneur-whats-the-difference Aja F. May 2019. Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship. https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/intrapreneurship-vs-entrepreneurship

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